⚔️ I was born in Flint, Michigan where my dad was a French teacher, but grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. My father is Moroccan and my mother is German–born in a displacement camp in Berlin after World War II. My grandparents were Holocaust survivors. I was fortunate to grow up with a lot of languages, aromas, and cultural identities.

    ⚔️ I wanted to be Barbara Walters when I was a teenager, so I attended American University for their Journalism program. I took a design class (for a liberal arts requirement), and ever since, I've been on an inspired quest to uncover how visual and verbal language connect our world. I got BA in design. I almost didn't have enough credits to graduate, but convinced my teacher to allow me increase the value of my thesis to develop a corporate identity for a fake company by also designing the product collection. The 'fake' company was called HardWear, a jewelry company selling jewelry made out of hardware like nuts and bolts. Years later, I sold the collection to Henri Bendel's in New York City.

    ⚔️ Once, I moved to Paris for a year to paint and freelance for the global ad agency I was working for. It was the experience of a lifetime and met friends for life. I still paint today and have had shows in the US and France.

    ⚔️ I ran the 2009 New York City Marathon in a Wonder Woman costume.

    ⚔️ After working at some of the best agencies in the world, I started my first company, 321 Takeoff. It was an online brand agency. I sold it in 2013 . I was really exhausted by the recession and wanted to try working on the brand side–a new experience.

    ⚔️ I have a black belt in Kung Fu. I started Kung Fu because while I'm blessed with a lot of energy, I wanted to understand how to channel it in a healthy way–have agency over my mind and body.

    ⚔️ Basketball is like religion for me. Not watching the game, but playing. I played in high school and benched about 50% of the time, but that didn't change my love for the game. I still play.

    ⚔️ From 2009 - 2017, I wrote two columns for The Huffington Post, one about Culture and the other about Icons. I was able to travel the world, from jumping off cliffs in Greece to polo competitions in Argentina. Met the most incredible people from Donna Karan to Joe Frazier and the Jonas Brothers.

    ⚔️ In 2018, my grandmother passed away and it nearly crushed me. I never experienced such pain and grief in my life. Since then, I've learned that love lives inside all of us. I'm here to share it.

    ⚔️ I started Far From Timid in 2019 after I left IBM because I had a new brand methodology for unifying brand and performance marketing. Actually, it wasn't new, it was the methodology I've always used, but I finally understood its value. So, I left and, well, here we are!